Thermal Gasification

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Thermal Gasification

What is "
Thermal Gasification"?

Thermal gasification is the process in which Synthesis Gas or "Syngas" is produced from biomass within a thermal reactor or gasifier which is under high pressure.


Thermal Gasification

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What is "Biomass Gasification"?

Biomass Gasification is the process in which Synthesis Gas is produced in the Biomass Gasification process using organic wastes such as agricultural waste and urban wood waste. The Synthesis Gas is then used like any other fuel, such as natural gas, which is not a renewable fuel.

Many companies with organic waste couple a Biomass Gasification system with a cogeneration power plant, which is fueled by the Synthesis Gas - generated from "free" organic waste - for a sustainable power and energy solution.


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Thermal Gasification

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